Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Liv went to sleep last night with Hatchy, her Hatchimal.   When I went in to check on her I had to pry him out of her tight grasp.  And then he started making his loud noises and I was like, "Crap!" and hurried out of the room.  But nobody woke up.

But then later some time after midnight, I heard Annalise making noise, so I went to check on her.  And I could smell puke.  Or something.  So I turned on the light and check her but found nothing.  So then I thought, well maybe she had a blowout or something.  So I got her up to change her diaper but it was fine.  And then I was starting to lay her back in bed when I felt something wet and chunky on my hand from her pajamas.  There was the puke.  Camouflaging nicely with her pajamas.  And a little more in her bed which blended in with her sheets.

Gross.  So I changed her pajamas and her sheets.  And then I put beach towels all around her crib so that if her first little puke was just the start of a bigger puke coming, the carpet would be covered.

And then I went back to bed and so did she, but she made a loud noise again half an hour later.  So I went in to check to see if she had puked but she hadn't.  And then I went back to bed.

But then a half hour after that Olivia got up and wanted to sleep with us.  So I had to tell her no, and then take her pee, and then put her back in bed.

And then she got up again like an hour later, saying she was scared.   And then I made Brice get up and take her back to bed.

Basically it was a night of crap sleep.  I got up two more times to check on Annalise, who by then was running a fever.   Being a mom is tiring sometimes.  Like all the time.

And here is a random picture of the boys in their room.  Jace told me that he decided he doesn't want to be a scientist.  Instead he wants to be an inventor.  And so he made a pulley hanging off his bed and has been making Olivia and Cameron put things in it so he can pull it up and then send them back down.  But I make him take it off the bed at night because I'm paranoid he will wrap it around his neck and then dive off the bed.  He thinks I'm dumb for thinking that. But he's been known to do dumb stuff before.  And then he also put all these signs on his wall with sticky notes and paper hung up by tape.  And then he hung a cardboard sign with an arrow down hanging directing in front of his face when he sits up.  And then the arrow points to the wall and reminds him to look at the wall to see all his sticky notes. 

Very technical.  And completely unneccessary.  But he's very proud of his system.  I'm going to go rip his hanging arrow sign down now for the night.  Because I'm sure he could figure out a way to make that dangerous in the middle of the night while we're all sleeping. 

Also isn't Cam, the loyal bother, so cute? :) 

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Diana King said...

That Jace is a funny boy! Remember who his uncle is! You always gotta watch him!