Saturday, February 25, 2017

Blue and Gold Star Wars

So for Cub Scouts for Jace this year we've  joined a troop in a different ward in our stake.  We don't have enough boys to have a troop (Jace is the only cub scout in our branch) and so three times a month I drive him the half hour on Wednesday to Evansville to attend cub scouts with the Newburgh ward.  It's totally worth it, though.  First of all, they have a nice sized pack and leaders (particularly the scout master) who actually care.  So thats pretty awesome, and Jace has been loving it.

This Thursday was the blue and gold banquet, and it was Star Wars themed, and it was pretty awesome.  The pack leader and her husband are pretty into Star Wars, so they went all out with decorations and fun activities for the kids to do, plus they got some professional star wars characters to come visit.  That was pretty sweet!  

All the kids had a great time.  Even Annalise, who loved running around and feeling like she was big stuff.  Although she didn't want to get too close to the characters.  They were the bad guys, after all :)

Sibling love and the faces of Cam

I made them all gather for a picture.  To show their love for each other, haha.  Annalise was too wild to contain so she kept escaping.   And Liv was trying to show affection and Cam was having none of it.  He was grumpy.

So Jace--being experienced in picture taking and knowing that the sooner you smile and give the mom what she wants, she'll let you go--was exasperated by his uncooperative siblings.

Then he and Liv gave me the golden smiles.

But Cameron was still fighting it. 

Oh his faces, hahaha!  So finally I said, "one day we'll look back at these and you'll be the only grumpy one"  and he changed his tune.  Threats of the future and looking back on pictures and seeing himself grumpy really work for that kid.

And then they started being little goofballs.  Oh weirdos.

Lost tooth and other pics

These little weirdos were laying on the back steps.   They are so  badly in need of a paint job.  The steps, not the weirdos :)

I think in the picture below you can see how very similar Liv and Jace look.  Their eyes and eyebrows and mouths.  Not so much their noses, though.

And Leesie loves her brothers, especially when they're nice to her.  Cam is a little nicer than Jace.  Let's just be honest.  And it's not that Jace is ever mean to her; he is just little more wild and unpredictable.   So although she loves Jace, the sweet gentle nature of the Cog usually has her feeling more comfortable.  This cute picture of them playing really sums up their relationship. 

Also the Cog lost is first tooth!  He was so excited!!  He pulled it out himself after weeks of it being wiggly.  Yay, Cameron!

Xena the Warrior Princess and her sidekick with the crazy hair

This is the sidekick with the crazy hair.  Oh her hair.  When I pull it into little piggies and then take it out before bed, this is what it looks like in the morning.  I love it.

This is the warrior princess.  She is feisty and a bit of a handful.

She has this crown that made me think of Xena the warrior princess.  You remember that show?  I never actually watched it, nor do I even know if I'm spelling the name correctly.  But whatever.  

 And the sidekick with the crazy hair has an obsession for putting on shoes.  Mostly shoes that don't belong to her, as they are bigger and easier to put on.  In fact, first thing this morning, after she was done snuggling in our bed for a little bit, she wanted to get up and go find her sissy.  And then I heard her clomping around in the house in some shoes of  her sissy's.  She loves wearing shoes. 

I love these girlies.