Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thursday (I think. Maybe. It's all blending together)

I'm pretty sure this day was Thursday.  We headed out to the beach in the morning to get all our playing before we had to get cleaned up to go out to eat and then do family pictures.

Cam and Keanz are still best buddies.

And a sailboat went by.  Obviously Cam was thrilled. . . 

Bow and Jace kept their role as the wave crashers.

Ooooooh look at the sparkly lights I added to this picture.  So sparkly.

And I built a super duper awesome sand castle.  I might have been threatening any child who came too close to it.  Building sandcastles is hard.  These pictures kind of makes it look lame.  But it took a while.  So I say its the best sand castle ever.

There was also a big mound of sand.  So Melanie acted out the role of Ariel from the Little Mermaid quite nicely.  

She doesn't know when.  She doesn't know how.  But she knows something's starting right now.

Whatch and you'll see.  Someday she'll be a part of your world.

For reals.

Jace was the one who wanted to destroy my castle the most.  He's a bit destructive.  I 

And here's Melanie "shaking it off" with the kids.  Like literally shaking off the sand that I'm pretty sure Cam threw in her hair.  We're lucky these kids have got some patient aunts and uncles.

Emily and Bow had taken a walk down the beach that morning and found a cool sand truck that somebody built.  So we walked down to see it, too.

I didn't let the kids get within a foot of it.  Because I'm sure they would have destroyed it.

And some more running pictures that I don't feel like moving back up to the top with the other ones.

Yes I made them run towards me and away from me.  And probably yelled at them getting them all to line up.  All in the name of good times, I tell you.

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