Friday, September 26, 2014

GoPro in the waves

I wish I could capture the beauty of the waves for real.  And how cool they are.  And how much I love them. 

Also the GoPro has a setting that's pretty fun.  It will take three shots all in a row really fast so you can see the progression of something moving.

Like here's the first shot of this wave heading towards me:

And here's the next second when I was clobbered by the wave and starting to head under.

This next sequence is pretty cool.

And these last two are of Colton and Keanz.  I'm like 99% sure that's them.  Because why would I take a random picture of a random father and daughter?  I probably wouldn't.  So yeah it's probably them.

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Celeste said...

Cool pictures of the waves!! Can't believe how clear they are.