Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Making fun

So one day when we were in Texas, Livvy was playing in this little storage ottoman bin thing.  I had my camera out, because, well, I just did.

And then Cam came in whining and crying about something.

And then Liv gave him this look like, "What you whining about, Willis?"

And then he kept whining.

So she sat down and made fun of him.

Okay FINE.  She maybe wasn't making fun of him.  She might have just been making a funny face because I said smile. But you can imagine how funny it would have been if she was making fun of him. . . and you can imagine how I'm pretending she was and cracking myself up.

1 comment:

The Sandall's said...

I just keep looking at these pictures over and over and laughing!! Bwahahahahaha. Of course she wasn't making gun of him, she wouldn't do that. Poor Cam, the middle child...