Monday, September 29, 2014

Beach again.

I can't really think of any more clever titles.  It's all about the beach.  It will never stop being about the beach, I guess.

Anyway after our family photo pictures, Livvy was in a good mood and there was still an hour or so of light left, so we went back to the beach.

I took my big camera.

And then I took about a thousand pictures and I love them all.  So I'm going to have just show them all.

In little itty bitty segments which is the only way I can handle it.

So for starters, here's Livvy walking up the board walk, happy for once about heading to the beach.

And some of Jace and Cam rolling around in a pile of sand.

And then Jace letting the wave crash on him and realizing, yikes that's a little cold.

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Celeste said...

Her curls are just so darling.