Sunday, September 21, 2014

First night at sunset

Once upon a time we went to the beach.  And then we got home.  And I started looking through pictures.  And they were beautiful and I loved them and I kept looking at them.  And then I was like, um, what are you doing?  It's late and you need to go to bed because you have to take Jace to school in the morning. . . but then I didn't stop looking at and editing pictures and then it was getting later and later and later.

And that's the story.

But here are these beautiful photos of our first night at the beach.  We went out after a storm blew over and it was dusk and then sunset.  And it was beautiful.

And I love the beach.


diana king said...

Love her curlies!

The Sandall's said...

Beautiful sunset shots!! The first night not the beach is always so magical :)