Friday, September 26, 2014

The pool

I didn't take many pictures at the pool.  Mostly because when we were there, I was dealing with this:

Oh, see how happy she is.  The sweetest, saddest little girl ever.

But Cam knew how to have fun.  He could simply block out his sister's scream by submerging his head.

The happiest part of Liv's life during this beach vacation was this little shower thing that she could turn on and off.  It was pretty much the only thing that calmed her down.  

And look at these handsome boys.  Such good buddies.  I'm glad they have each other :)

Also a random humorous note:  Cam has always been able to open his eyes under water. It had never bothered him.  Jace, on the other hand, always wants to use goggles.  But on this trip, he discovered his eyes were "waterproof".  He kept exclaiming that over and over when we were at the pool.  "Hey, Mom, my eyes are waterproof!"

Awesome, buddy.

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