Friday, September 26, 2014

Relaxing. Or not.

You want to know what's relaxing?

Looking out your window at the beautiful beach.  Ahhhhh beach.

Soft waves on the shore.  Ahhhhhh waves.

These three boys watching the iPad and playing video games.  Ahhhhh silence.

These two girls playing together so nicely.  Ahhhhhhh--panic inducing.

Because they kept climbing on and off the couch and leaning over the arm rests, inches from toppling head first onto the tile floor.

So not really relaxing.

But pretty cute.

(Yes, Emily, it was your child doing most of the precarious leaning and freaking me out.  You and your daredevil children lol)

1 comment:

The Sandall's said...

Of course its my child doing the dangerous stunts :) Thanks for keeping your eye on her :) What sweet pictures of those two together and fun pictures of the boys together!! Cute!!!