Monday, September 22, 2014

Beach. Waves. Clouds.

I took pictures during our trip with my Canon, my iPhone, and our GoPro.  Mostly with my iPhone, though when I did bust out the big guns I took about a million. 

Not really a million. But a lot.  I was surprised when I uploaded the pics from my big camera, because I thought I hadn't used it that much.  But I still took a bunch.


The GoPro pics are not the best quality.  But they kind of look cool.  Distorted a little and weird.  And cool. And don't you worry I can edit them like there's no tomorrow and make them look exactly how I want them to look.

Oh man.  This is going to take ages.

The iPhone pics surprised me.  My trusty little iPhone 4 did really well.  Good job, phone. 

Anyway, on to the pictures.

Sunday morning we headed out to the beach bright and early.  Since we were so close to the beach this year we didn't have to pack a ton of stuff with us so it was easy to to slip away and start the fun right after breakfast.

Also the kids all waking up before seven helped us get an early start.

Once there was a lonely little blue bucket.

Just kidding.  He wasn't really lonely.

Liv enjoyed the sand for about the first twenty minutes on this day.  Until I made her go down to the water.  Whoops.  Then she got mad and wouldn't be happy.  Sorry, baby girl.

These were all taken with the GoPro.  (The cheapest GoPro.  The more expensive ones I'm sure have better picture taking capabilities. And I have no complaints about our videos we got with it. They were great.)

Now we'll head down to the rough waves and see what the "big" little boys are up to.

These next photos are with my iPhone.  (I don't know why I feel the need to tell you what I took the pictures with.  But I do.  So I am.)

Bow and Jace LOVED the waves.  They weren't afraid and would slip in without their floaties any chance they got.  When the waves were calmer we were more inclined to let them.  But not when they were rough.

The clouds were crazy looking most of the days.  I think there was maybe just one day when the sky was clear.  But that was okay.  It only rained us out once and even then we still got some beach time.  Plus the clouds made everything look even more beautiful.

Then Brice and I went back out to the beach Sunday evening when the kids were asleep.

So this was Sunday.  Maybe I have more pictures from Sunday.  Since I took pictures with three different cameras I think I'm going to give up on having any sort of order to these posts.  So sorry about that.

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The Sandall's said...

Those boys sure love fighting those waves.

I like the pictures your go pro takes with that eye view or whatever its called. Awesome!!