Thursday, September 25, 2014

After the storm

After it stormed on Tuesday we went back out the beach.  We couldn't let the rain dampen our spirits of beach fun.  Plus Liv was in a better mood, so we had to take advantage of that.  We decided to walk down to the rocks for shell and crab hunting.  And some serious wave jumping since the waves were pretty rough after the rain.

This was also the day that I Baywatch ran all the way down the beach to get the bucket we had left by our boardwalk entry.  Because Brice caught some crabs and we needed a place to store them.  I'm pretty sure I did not look Baywatch graceful though.  In fact, I believe Troy  mentioned that he looked out the window and wondered what that weirdo was doing running along the beach. . . 

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The Sandall's said...

Come on, come on.... Say it.... Holding your boobies! Bwahahahhahah