Monday, September 8, 2014

Thoughts. That are random.

I feel like singing a song about how we're going to Florida in FIVE sleeps.  And I can't wait for the beach and blue water (it better be blue this year) and the sweet life.

And at the same time I'm also paranoid about someone getting sick.  So I wish I had a bubble I could wrap my kids in for the remainder of this week until we leave so that NO ONE gets sick.

Have you heard of some crazy respiratory virus hanging around sending kids WITH ASTHMA to the hospital and some of them getting on ventilators and all the scary stuff??

I normally hear stuff like that and shrug it off.  But.  Florida is coming.  Cam has asthma.  Kentucky apparently is infected with this virus.

I'm praying and crossing my fingers and knocking on wood and pumping him full of vitamins and sanitizing hands every five seconds.

Anything else I can do??


The Sandall's said...

I'm so sorry I sent you into this panic. I am feeling the exact same way. Lots of praying here too!! We will get to go snd we eill enjoy our week! Can't wait!

Celeste said...

Enjoy your trip!! Crossing my fingers that you are all healthy!