Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Arch

For my entire childhood we made the drive from Texas to Utah on the same roads.  They're so familiar.  We pass all the same landscapes and cool sites year after year.

And this is the first year we've stopped at the really cool arch.

It was a pretty easy walk up and an easy walk down.  But one the other side was a steeeeep drop off. And had I known it was so steep I'm pretty sure I would have been right up there with the kids making them hold my hand instead of lagging behind taking pictures.  Not that Grandpa wasn't watching them.  But you know.  Moms tend to freak out.

And also, what's a boy to do while he's sitting on top of the world?  Why play his harmonica of course.

Grandma and Liv waited for us at the bottom.  Miss Livvy was not too pleased about being left behind.  But Grandma found a log that that could easily turn into a horsey.  So Liv was pacified :)

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Celeste said...

Beautiful! I feel the same way about the drive from Denver to Provo. Memorized it.