Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stormy day Tuesday

Tuesday was the stormiest day.  The clouds spent all morning coming in and finally rained us out after lunch.

Liv was being fussy so I put her down for an early nap and JJ and I slipped away to the beach, just the two of us.

We played in the waves, dug a hole, and collected shells to decorate our hole.

So, um, I took a lot of pictures of the waves.  And random things.  Because it's the beach.  It's just what  you do.

Plus also Jace threw sand alot.  It ended up all over my head.  I was not thrilled.

Then Brice came down from the house with Cam.  He stayed at the beach with Jace while Cam and I headed to the pool.  

But first I made them sit by each other and take a picture.

And of course I had to take a picture of their feet.

When we got to the pool we were the only ones there.  Cam didn't last long there with just me.  Apparently I'm not that fun :)

His eyes took on a permanent blood shot look.  Like he had just finished crying all the time.  But it made them look really green.

Then we headed back to the beach, where the clouds were continuing to roll in.

The boys filled this bucket with sand.

Then Bowman ever so carefully dumped it out.

And then celebrated like a champion.

Also in the art of random pictures, here's Jace's sandy, sandy back.

And Cam's crazy cowlick hair.

Brice came back from his water exploring with this perfect sand dollar.

And these cool shells.

Jace and Bow gave their sand pile some affection.  Because that's normal.

And then Cam had to pee.  So into the rough ocean he went.

And after he came running out, it was decided it was time to pack up and go inside.

Because the rain was about to fall.


The Sandall's said...

Loving all these beach pictures except for the fact that it's making me wanna go back really bad…. Love the creativity in your pictures and how you tell the story through them!

What a great chance to get some one on one with mommy :) Poor Livvy Loo, she is a pretty tough girl to be sick and still enjoy the beach (at times :))

Celeste said...

Even storms at the beach are beautiful!