Monday, September 5, 2016


We traveled back to Texas from Utah in three shorter day trips.  The first day was really short.  Only about five hours.  We stopped in Blanding to see my Dad's cousin.  My Uncle Brent.  Which is what we've always called him.  Though he's technically not my uncle.  

He has a little farm of sort, with goats and some pigs and lots of dogs.  

Leesie wasn't too sure about the animals.  Especially when the goats started bleating and then the dogs started barking and then she started crying. 

But she did love the trampoline.  Lots.  And she loved grandma chasing her around it.  She thought she was big stuff.  And she is just the cutest.  Even though she is constantly pawing at my clothes and trying to pull my pants down.  

At this point, the boys were in the house, in bed.  They were SO WILD this night, that I had had it and sent them to bed super early.  Although they still didn't even fall asleep until well after dark.  

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