Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pool time

When we were in Texas we went to this fun little pool twice.  Once with just me and the three older kids, and then once again on Cam's birthday with my parents and Little Leesie, too.  We all had a blast.  As evidenced by these wonderful GoPro pics.  

Also my mom got a GoPro for my dad for Father's Day.  So I used it since I forgot mine.  And we just got back from the beach where I used my GoPro, and I gotta say, I may have to steal my mom's camera.  These pictures are just so much brighter.  Maybe it's a setting I have mine on that makes them dark or something.  Or maybe this one is just newer and better.  I think I need to steal it though. Ahem.  Mom.  Ahem. :) 

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