Thursday, September 8, 2016


I am missing the carefree days of summer right now.  When there were no germs to be passed around.  Seriously, its' only the first month of school and we seem to be bringing all the germs home to our little house, where they are attacking us all.

Also, in the way of venting to the internet, here is my problem.  I started Liv at a little preschool. But we have no extra money for preschool.  Therefore, they needed teachers for the little preschool.  So I said, hey I could do that.  I can be in the class with little Leesie and Liv could be in her class and she can get the stimulation and fun for her little brain and get away from me a couple times a week.  And I'll make enough to pay for the girls and have a little bit left for saving for my new camera. 

But.  I forgot about germs.  And how I have four kids and it seems like at least one of them is infected with a germ pretty much all the time.  And I can't go to a job when they need me at home because they're sick.  We had our first day of preschool on Tuesday.  And it went well.  However, I did send Jace to school even though I had sneaky suspicion he was coming down with the little virus Liv had over the weekend.  So I after preschool, at 12:00, I went to pick him up.  An sure enough, he had fever and was sick.  So he laid around that day.  And that night both Brice and I got a fever, as well. Then Wednesday and Cameron were both home sick.  Then this morning (Thursday) was supposed to be our second day of preschool.  So luckily the boys did not have fevers this morning and said they felt fine.  So I sent them to school and off the girls and I went.

Then we got to preschool, unloaded everything, and walked into the building, and Liv puked all over the floor.

Great. So back home we went. 

So here's hoping that she doesn't have a different puking bug to pass around to the family next.  Because also we are going to the beach in two days.  And we just need to be all healthy.  Please, please, please let us be healthy.

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Diana King said...

Oh man, when it rains it pours! Love you mija!