Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Spam turns 6

The Spam turned 6 when we were in Texas.  So he got to have two little parties.  One there, and one when we got back to Kentucky.  He wanted a Mario cake, and I did my best to make it for him.   He woke up to a hallway full of balloons outside his bedroom door, and we went swimming with Grandma and Paka at a fun little pool.  And then we came home and had some yummy Mario cake and opened his presents.

Basically he was the most excited about opening his presents.  Of course.

Oh our little Spam man.  He is just a little cutie.  And he knows it.  I love his smile and when he's in a good mood he's such a joy to be around.  He and Livvy get along so well sometimes.  And then other times they are monsters to each other.  But there is no in between. He and his big brother get along most of the time, and are really good buddies.  And he's such a good big brother to little Leesie.  She just loves him.  He knows how to really get her giggling.  He can be such a good little helper, too.  He is doing so well so far in first grade.  His teacher has praised him many times for being such a good example of behavior, even when the  other kids are "going wild" as she says it.

I do kind of think he uses up all his good behavior at school though, lol.  Because sometimes at home can be a little. . . difficult.  But we love everything about our little Cam Spam.  My little baby boy.  He still loves to have his back scratched by his mama and he I think he just wants to be babied all the time.  And so I guess that's okay.  Whatever keeps him coming back to his mama for some hugs and kisses :)

I love his smile and his adorable little dimple.

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