Monday, September 19, 2016

S'mores and stuff

Jace the Space kept catching his marshmallow on fire.  And then would frantically try to blow it out.  But he wasn't quick enough and it would be charred and disgusting to him haha.

Also a funny story about Liv that Brice told me yesterday:

He was calling saying that Liv was a turd, like he always does, and she said, "No I'm not. You a turd."  And then he said, "No you are." 

And she said, "Yeah.  And Leesie, too.  And Cam is a turd too."

And Brice said, "Yup."

Then she said very seriously, "And Jace the Spam."

Lol.  She just gets confused with all the nicknames around here. 

Cam the Spam (or should I say Cam the Space? haha) wasn't too thrilled with the heat he had to endure while roasting his marshmallow.  But he suffered through it long enough to get his marshmallow just slightly warm.  Not even a little brown, haha.

And the night ended with a very sloooooow hay ride. 

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