Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Beach 3

For the next installment, I give you Keanz, with really cool beach hair.  And Liv standing next to Keanz obsessivley, because she's obsessed with her.  Like wants to be her.  I hope Keanzie knows one day how much the younger two girls have her on a pedestal.  She has a big responsibility as the oldest girl cousin.  But I think the responsibility fell on the perfect shoulders.  She is such a sweet girl, so thoughtful and caring.  She's kind and compassionate and the best big cousin ever.  Soon Annalise will adore her, as well, I'm sure.

And here's Kimi off in her own little beach world. 

And my big cheeser girl.  She told me today that she misses Kimi, and the beach, and the waves.  I told her that I did, too.

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kim anderson said...

Someday she will hate her overbite and you will have to put braces on. But today I love it and will miss it when it's gone❤️