Monday, September 5, 2016

Texas at last

We were beyond ready to get to Texas and Grandma and Paka's house and spend a week being more relaxed and doing less traveling.  And sleeping in the same bed for a full week.  When we got there, after three nights in a row in a different bed, the kids were exhausted.  They all basically lost it when it was time for them to get to bed.  They were all sobbing.  I was about to start crying.  And my parents assessed the situation and decided it was best to head to the grocery store and give us some alone time.  Which was a wise move.  I tough loved it on the kids, got them settled, and listened to them cry themselves to sleep.  I think they all just needed to blow off some steam, because all thing considered, they were amazing little travelers.  They did really well in the van for all of the driving we did.  Which was well over 4,000 miles.

Then we spent the next week playing with Grandma and Paka, and friends, and white trashing it in the little pool out in the drive way.  Good times. 

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