Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Beach 2

Can you spy six heads bobbing around in the water out there, battling the waves? I think McKeanzie and Bowman are the ones kind of hard to see.  They're getting swallowed. 

Occasionally Emily or I or Auntie Sherri or whoever was available would have to head out to the waves and rescue the little girls.  They thought they could swim with the fishes all the way across the ocean.  And sometimes they even attempted it without their floaties on.  And believe me, they shed those floaties whenever they had a chance, with promises of not playing in the water.  Yeah right.  

So much beach fun.  These were still from the first time I brought my big camera out.  Soooooo yeah there were like so many pics I liked from the big camera.  And they're all basically just of the same thing.  So some have a little more dramatic edits.  To break up the monotony of editing these fun photos.  Not that I don't love it.  Because you know I do. 

And now the girls are awake, the boys are home, and real life resumes.  Till the next break, beach pictures. 

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