Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Daredevil mermaids

Just two random picture of Colton and Keanzie, the daredevils who loved going out in the boat even when it was cloudy and windy and the waves were very choppy.

Kimi and Livvy were the daredevil mermaids.  They wanted to ditch their floaties any chance they got, but then would still frolic on the water as if they had them on.  Pretty sure they would have efficiently drowned themselves if we let them.  We often had to go rescue them and force them to put their floaties on again.  Which would last for a while, and then they would sneakily be slipped off.

During these pictures, the cute little mermaids (which is what they were pretending to be) had been carried quite aways away from where we were set up.  Don't worry, I was following along with them. Anyway, I made them get out and they ran back along the beach tow where we were sitting. 

And then this little mermaid, who looks like she was grumpy a lot, wasn't really grumpy.  Only when she saw me with the camera did she get a little mad.  For some reason.  Maybe because she knew that when I had it out, I wouldn't be picking her up :)

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