Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When we got back from St. Louis I got hit with the full blown head cold that had been on the verge of ruining the weekend.  Thankfully the cold lingered at just a little annoying on Saturday and Sunday.  But morning Monday I woke up and felt terrible. 

So the house is currently a disaster.  There are mountains of laundry, mountains of dirty diapers in Walmart bags sitting by the front door (Brice dropped the ball on taking them out to dumpster on his way off to work), crumbs all over the living room floor from the fifteen or so poptarts Cam has eaten over the past few days. . . and yet here I sit at the computer.  Because I know my fans await pictures from the wedding.  And by fans, I mean YOU, EMILY.  Don't act like you haven't checked ten times already to see if they're up.  :)

So here we go.  (And after this I vow to clean the house for 1 hour.  And then I will resume my feeling sorry for myself sick week.) 

Say What?  Wrong wedding.  :)

But remember?  Little Cogy?

Okay here we go for reals.

Great Grandma Anderson came from Utah and it was so good to see her.  The boys and I have seen her every year since we've moved from Utah, except not this year because we couldn't go out there this summer.  So we're really glad we got to see her.

Livvy and Papa before the wedding.

Kim (aka Granny) is the master of putting together cute outfits.  And I let her.  Because I am not.  The kids looked so cute because of her.  Thanks, Granny!

Through several tries we got the best family picture we've taken, and probably the best we'll ever take.  

Auntie Sherri and Uncle Danny look pretty good, too. 

Livvy Loo was exhausted.  But did not cry.  Because she is an angel baby.

When Cody and Alyssa came out I didn't get too many picture of the two of them.  Or any actually.  I was too afraid of getting in the way of the actual photographer and ruining pictures with my not so small head.

Cam and Jace found ways to entertain themselves.  I later commented to Brice that they were "really good".  To which he responded, somewhat bitterly, "Yeah that's cause you weren't the one dealing with them."  Oh well.

Livvy Loo finally gave in to her exhaustion.  She hardly ever just falls asleep without a wrestling match.  So that's how tired she was.

 So those are my favorite post worthy pics.  Melanie, I need to see your pics now please and thank you.

And now to tackle some cleaning.  Ugh.



The Sandalls said...

So how was that hour cleaning?!?!

And yes I have checked it atleast 10 times but probably more like 50! hahaha! You know me too well! Love all the pictures you got, I will definitely be looking over this post a few more times to ingrain the pictures in my mind so that over time I will not be able to tell the difference and will honestly think I was there!!!!

Cutest family picture for sure but I LOVE the one before with you and the boys being silly!

Okay, going back for more but wanted you to know I have seen and THANK YOU for posting!! (16 days!!)

The Sandalls said...

Oh and What a BEAUTIFUL bride you made!! And you are just as beautiful 6 years and 3 kids later!!

The Sandalls said...

You know that thing Brice said about the kids, that's like AWESOME!! You can use that every time you are feeling frazzled after "dealing with them" ALL DAY!! Men?!?!?!

The Sandalls said...

And I think I'm a robot because it jut took me 3 tries to get that number and letters thing typed in properly for this to post my comment.

So maybe you could get rid of that so I don't have to feel like a robot all the time.


The Sandalls said...

And you know you love me!!!!

Celeste said...

I'm laughing so hard at all of Emily's comments...I'm so glad that Grandma Anderson came out for it. Your family looks so cute.