Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer has returned in these here parts.

So Livvy finally got to go swimming in Granny's pool.

Really though ever since we got back from Texas it has been unseasonably not hot.  Except for the last week. Summer came back with a vengeance.  And will back this week, too.

But now that Jace is in school we can't really enjoy the hot as much.  We tried going swimming last week one evening after school.  We were going to meet Brice there.  But we got there at 5:00 and he wasn't going to be there till 6:30.  So after one hour I had had all I could take of swimming.  So we couldn't wait for daddy.  Swimming will have to be just a Saturday thing.  And we have one more Saturday for swimming. . .and then it's beach time!! (Calm down, Emily)

Also I have these pictures from swimming at the hotel pool when Cody got married.

You may be asking yourself, won't Cameron get a face full of water with that jump?

Why yes, yes he will.

Also, this last sequence was a close call.  Oh Jace, you were so close to getting your butt spanked-- oh I mean, a time out. . .


The Sandalls said...

Nice first sentence! I think you are slowly turning into a true hillbilly! I am so proud!

You CALM DOWN! You know you are as excited as me!!!!!

The Sandalls said...

Oh and Cute cute pictures of the kids!!!!

diana king said...

I love how u caught cammers in that dive! Seve will get a kick out out of it!