Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Uncle Cody got married this weekend!

In St. Louis.

And so we decided to take advantage of the occasion and we went up Friday to visit the St. Louis Zoo before the big day Saturday.

It was such a fun zoo, and I could not believe that it was free!

Although we did have a pass from our own zoo which got us Safari Passes for five bucks each and those allowed us to do some of the stuff that was extra.  Like petting the stingrays, going on the motion simulator ride, and riding the train.

We had a really fun time.

The weather was perfect.  Not hot at all and there was even a slight breeze, but not like huge wind gusts.  

Jace was obsessed with his map.

He was pretty much more interested in the map than he was the zoo animals.  Brice was getting annoyed.  I was not.  Because it reminded me of this.

And since Friends is my absolute favorite, I thought it was cute.

His favorite animal, once he put the map away for more than five minutes, was the penguins.

Camers was obsessed with the rhino.  This was what we heard the ENTIRE time:

"I wanna see the rhino now."
"Are we going to the rhino?"
"And now the rhino?"
"I wanna see the rhino."
"Now the rhino?"
"This way to the rhino?"
"I wanna see the rhino."

And imagine that multiplied by like fifty.  Unfortunately the way we started out once we got in the zoo put the rhino as one of the very last animals that we saw.  Hence, Brice and I were about to poke our ears out by the time we managed to actually get to the rhino.

I personally thought the rhino was kind of a dud but not Cameron.

Here is his face when I asked him how he felt about finally seeing the rhino.

There was also a baby elephant that was pretty cute.

Did you know that elephants are pregnant for almost two years?  That is insane.  I'm sorry Mother Elephant.  If it's any consolation, your baby is so cute and looks just like you.

We also saw sea lions.  And the boys and Brice got to pet the stingrays.  And there were hammer head sharks swimming in there too and Brice, of course, touched that as well.  But he wouldn't take any pictures and I was waiting out of the area with Livvy.  So darn. 

We also got to ride a 3D Yogi Bear motion simulator ride that was pretty cool.

They told me to tell the operator guy that Cam needed a non motion chair.  But I did not.  And he loved it.  Although he said he was scared and did not love it.  But I think he really did.  

And I was there too.

The coolest animal and the one that put on the best show for us was hippo.

I always knew hippos were the coolest. 

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The Sandalls said...

What an AWESOME zoo! No more wasting our time at Mesker Park Zoo.... Loved Jace with his map and the friends recap (think I might have to pull out my series and watch it!!) Camers and his rhinos!