Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dear Jace,

Please stop tickling kids in your class.

Please stop touching kids in your class.

Please stop messing with your teacher's stuff around the room.

Please stop taking your shoes on and off during carpet time.

Please stop having to miss 5 minutes of recess every day.

Thank you.

And that being said. . .  at least he is tickling and not punching or hitting.

And at least he has friends he comes home and talks about.  

At least he still likes school regardless of having to miss five minutes of recess every day.

At least he misses five minutes with his new friend, Aiden Bugg or Aiden B. (Still not sure whether that is the same kid or two different kids)

Perhaps today will be the day when he comes home with a card higher than green?  

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The Sandalls said...

Oh, Jace! You're only in Kindergarten, y can't you just have fun, right?!?!? Sorry Mom that he isn't being a drone like this teacher wants... (I better stop Bowman starts in 5 days...)

Thanks for fixing the comments so I didn't have to try and figure out how to type some word and number that I can't read!

9 Days! Single Digits! AHHHHH! YAAAAAAAAH