Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our lovey Livvy-Loo is 7 months.

She is sitting up now, but doesn't really show any interest in getting on the move.  Which I'm kind of glad about.  She's much easier to keep safe in the mess of little legos and other toys that litter the floor when she is immobile.

She finally finally will eat her cereal and fruits and veggies pretty well.  But she refuses to sit in her own chair to do it.  I have to be holding her in one arm and feeding her in the other.  So we'll have to keep working on that.  She also doesn't really show much interest in table food.  I have tried to give her a couple of different things but usually she won't even open her mouth.

In fact, I'd say that getting her to eat enough is my biggest struggle with her.  Especially the bottle.  She just keeps getting worse and worse at sucking that milk down.  You have to feed her usually in a completely silent room with no distractions.  And even then if she starts to feel tired like she might fall asleep, she turns into a wild little crazy animal.  She arches her backs and spits the bottle out and refuses to take it until she's worn out from the wrestling. I think she really just doesn't want to fall asleep. And she's knows eating will cause her to do just that.  So she refuses to eat. 

Sometimes when I finally give up I'm sweating.

And she's only had like two ounces.  Fail.

But aside from the refusing to drink her bottle she is an angel baby.  She is happy and content.  She loves her brothers sooooooo much.  She cuddles with me a lot still which I love.  She loves to bounce a lot.  She loves looking out the door at Andy.

She's a Livvy-Loo!

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The Sandalls said...

Love her in PURPLE!!! Sounds like her and Kimbrie are complete opposites, that's so funny!!