Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tuesday park day

On Tuesday of this week is had stopped raining, and it pretty warm.  Almost in the sixties.  The kids and I had nothing to do (aside from homework and making dinner and cleaning the house.  So maybe I should say we had nowhere we needed to be) so when Brice got home I asked him if he wanted to take the bikes in his truck to the park near our house.  And he said yes.  Yay!

So off bike riding we went.  We went to this same park a week or so ago, when it was cloudy and cold.  But today it was sunny and pleasant.  Mostly pleasant.  There were the occasional tantrums, of course.  The boys zoomed around and around the trail on their bikes and we walked along with Liv and Leesie in the stroller.  Olivia is getting better and better at riding that bike.  Although I do feel kind of bad for her, because the bike is old and like fifth-hand (I don't even know where we got it) and it's rusty and kind of hard to pedal.  I think she could go so much faster with a newer bike that wasn't so rusty.  But we're just building up her muscle, so that when she does get a newer bike she will zoom along.

Jace is such a goofball.  He was making a normal face until I turned the camera on him. But then as he was laughing at his own funny face, I caught his cute dimple.  

Then we played on the play ground.  And attempted a family timer picture.  And right as were getting into position, a huge flock of geese flew by.  Pretty cool.  Or so Cameron thought.

Annalise was doing this funny tip toe walk when I told her to run.  It was so cute.  I wish I would have gotten it on video.  But you can kind of see it in these pictures.  She would like raise up her shoulders too as she tiptoed.  Dramatically tiptoed 

Then she got mad at me because I wouldn't hurry up and walk. 

Fun times with these little crazies. 

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