Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Oh her little raggedy car seat hair.  I'm still pretty surprised at the difference in the girls hair.  Texture, thickness, how long it's taken to grow in. . . pretty much they've been complete opposites hair wise.  Leesie sure knows how to sport that top piggy tail.

So Saturday my friend and her family were going to see the Batman Lego movie, and they invited us to come with them.  So we did!  It was a fun little Valentine family treat, plus a the boys did good and I was so proud of them during parent/teacher conference treat. Also I remember once when I was younger, my dad sat us all down in the living room on a random Saturday and said that he had gotten a video tape of general conference and that we were going to all watch it together.   As can be expected from kids, we were less than thrilled.  But he sternly told us that he expected us to sit there and be quiet and listen to it.  Then he put in the tape and started it up. . . and it was the movie Batman.

I decided to do a  similar thing to the boys.  I told them we were going to Evansville for a stake primary meeting.  I didn't let them bring anything to write on or entertain themselves and I kept lecturing to them that they were going to sit and be still the whole time.  Jace was pretty upset because he begged to take his Harry Potter book to read, but I said no.  So there was some grumbling and whining on the way there.  And then we pulled into the movie theatre parking lot.  Surprise!!  A fun surprise.  I enjoyed myself immensely pulling that little prank on the boys. 

Anyway then we came home and the boys went and did boy things (like fixing some cement mixer) and the girls and went grocery shopping, and got ourselves a little sucker treat.  Then the girls ate their suckers and ran around outside while I unloaded the groceries.  It was cloudy and gloomy Saturday, but also pretty warm.

These two sisters are the cutest.  I made them sit together and take these pictures.  Liv instigated the kissing on her own. Sometimes she loves her little Leesie sister so much.  But then sometimes she doesn't want Leesie to "sit" by her.  Like if Leesie has any kind of boogers, Liv will NOT sit by her, haha!  

Plus also I didn't like how the shadows made Leesie's eyes look so dark, so in this last picture I played with removing some of the shadow to see if it would be worth it to do it in all the pictures.  NOT worth it.  Her eyes kind of look creepy in this picture.  But then I didn't change it back either because I'm too lazy :)

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