Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sibling love and the faces of Cam

I made them all gather for a picture.  To show their love for each other, haha.  Annalise was too wild to contain so she kept escaping.   And Liv was trying to show affection and Cam was having none of it.  He was grumpy.

So Jace--being experienced in picture taking and knowing that the sooner you smile and give the mom what she wants, she'll let you go--was exasperated by his uncooperative siblings.

Then he and Liv gave me the golden smiles.

But Cameron was still fighting it. 

Oh his faces, hahaha!  So finally I said, "one day we'll look back at these and you'll be the only grumpy one"  and he changed his tune.  Threats of the future and looking back on pictures and seeing himself grumpy really work for that kid.

And then they started being little goofballs.  Oh weirdos.

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Diana King said...

Hahaha, I loved this!