Saturday, February 25, 2017

These guys

These guys spend so much time on this trampoline.  So I'm really thankful Granny and Poppy got it for them, and also really thankful that Brice was able to fix it after the wind threw it into our van last summer.  The weather has been so super warm, it's been a little creepy.  However, last night it dropped back down into the thirties, and our house this morning was pretty cold, since we had turned the heater off for a few days.  It's supposed to get warmer though, more like regular spring weather, in the fifties and sixties over the next few days.  It just seems so weird to be having this nice mild weather in February.  Usually February rivals January for being miserable and cold. 

So since we've had so many warm days, we are all just itching for summer.  Homework after school has seemed especially painful, and the kids have been getting dirty and sweaty when they play outside after school.  We've gotten out the chalk and  bubbles and I feel like school should be getting out next month, instead of three months from now.

Anyway.  Today is Saturday and we really have no plans.  So that is wonderful.  Except I keep thinking there is something that I should be doing that I've forgotten about.  So hopefully not.  And if there is something I've forgotten about, hopefully I'll just never remember it so I'll never know I've forgotten :)

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