Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lost tooth and other pics

These little weirdos were laying on the back steps.   They are so  badly in need of a paint job.  The steps, not the weirdos :)

I think in the picture below you can see how very similar Liv and Jace look.  Their eyes and eyebrows and mouths.  Not so much their noses, though.

And Leesie loves her brothers, especially when they're nice to her.  Cam is a little nicer than Jace.  Let's just be honest.  And it's not that Jace is ever mean to her; he is just little more wild and unpredictable.   So although she loves Jace, the sweet gentle nature of the Cog usually has her feeling more comfortable.  This cute picture of them playing really sums up their relationship. 

Also the Cog lost is first tooth!  He was so excited!!  He pulled it out himself after weeks of it being wiggly.  Yay, Cameron!

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