Thursday, February 9, 2017

More crib pics

I've taken a lot of pictures in the girls room by the crib lately because that's where the good light is in the afternoon.  And also I love taking pictures of Annalise when she's sleeping.  Or just waking up.  Because there is something so cute about a just woken up little blurry eyed baby.

Also when I wrote the title for this post, it dawned on me that we are really getting closer and closer to the ends of the days of the crib.  Today for nap time Leesie threw a fit until I let her lay in bed with Livvy.  And then she settled right down and took a good little nap.  And it was cute. But then also, I'M NOT READY FOR NO CRIB!!!  I'm not ready to say goodbye to the crib.  Because then it means that my fourth and final baby is sleeping in a big girl bed.

And that is crazy.  And shocking.  And I don't really feed sad.  But I feel kind of melancholy about it. So.  We'll keep using the crib.  She hasn't really fussed about being in the crib for bedtime yet.  She just doesn't like it for nap time.  Maybe it's just a phase, though.  Maybe she'll get over it.  

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