Friday, April 1, 2016

Kite flying

One night for cub scouts we went to the school and flew kites.  The kites were the cheapo dollar store kites but they flew really well!  

It was kind of hard to take any pics of Jace because he of course ran around all over the place like a crazy child.  But he had fun. 

Scouts is interesting.  The branch doesn't have enough boys to do scouts and Jace really wanted to do it at school when he heard about it.  Apparently they presented it along with stories of riding dirt bikes and four wheelers and climbing mountains.  He keeps asking me when we're going to do those things.  I try to softly break it to him that um probably not for a long long time.

Also I'm the den leader which kind of happened because nobody else wanted to do it.  I've been the den leader for two years.  When he turns eight I'm totally bumming off another ward in the stake and sending him to cub scouts there.  If there are any wards that do cub scouts. . . 

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