Saturday, April 2, 2016

Egg hunt number uno

We had our first egg hunt at the church the Saturday before Easter.  Oh how the kids love egg hunts.  And oh how they get so so so much candy.   Easter is rivaling, and perhaps even beating, Halloween in the amount of candy the kids get.

It's kind of like a candy nightmare.

Leesie girl was fine just sitting in daddy's arms, because she does not like the texture of grass . Plus she was wearing white and I did not want her white sweater to get dirty and stained.  I rarely dress the kids in white because they always get dirty and stained.  Like always.

This weekend is conference.  It's such a wonderful weekend.  Only I started out yesterday and today being kind of a grump.  A lot of a grump.  But listening to the first session of conference helped me feel like less of a grump and more grateful for my many blessings and the gospel in general.  Oh how I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And oh how I love my sweet family.

And oh how I'm sorry I'm a grump sometimes, little family of mine.

Also I did not have time to do Olivia's hair the morning of the egg hunt.  I had planned on getting to the church early since I guess setting up for stuff is now my responsibility or something.  But we were not early.  Whoops.  And so her hair went as it was after her bath that morning.  I did, however, grab a head bands with her pig ears from her costume when she was Olivia the Pig and tell her that they were bunny ears and she eagerly wore them.  #momforthewin

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