Friday, April 29, 2016

This little piggy (or bug antennae)

My little baby girl has enough hair for a little bug antennae on top of her sweet little head.  It's not really a pig tail.  But it sure is cute!!  Plus also her newest favorite thing is standing at the door looking out or standing by windows and looking out.  She can climb onto the little wooden chair in their room and look out the window into the backyard.  Where she can spy her favorite of all favorites, the dog.  And so she bangs on the window and yells at him and loves it.  Then cries when I move the chair so that I can leave the room without fear of her toppling over in it.

Silly girl.  My sweet little bug antennae girl.

She also loves Da-da.  And can wave to him as she says "Da-da".  But she will not wave to Mama.  Or say Mama when I want her too.  But she'll whine it.  I'm not sure she's aware of what she's saying or if it's just the natural whining sound that comes out of her mouth.  "Maaaamaaaa."  I'm used to hearing my name being whined though. . . 

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