Friday, April 15, 2016

Dandelions and such

Last Saturday Brice and Troy poured the concrete floor for this pole barn for Danny and Sherri.  They were gone from 6:00 in the morning till 8:00 at night working on it.  But the floor looks really good.  As will their house when it finally gets done, I'm sure.

We went out there I think Wednesday night for a little while because Brice was there working on some stuff after work, and he had the boys with him.  Plus also any chance I have to take pictures with pretty light, I'm there.

These two are crazy.  Also I took these in RAW format, and I've gotta say I'm starting to be a believer in RAW.  Because I think if it was in jpeg the clouds and the blue sky would have not been savable, and would have looked too blown out.  But I actually was able to get some of the blue in.  (Not the one on top, though, it was too underexposed)

Jace had his little battery powered motorcycle out there.  He drove it down a hill and pretty much had to push it up, because the batteries were basically dead.  Cam was a good brother and went to help him.  And look a little Livvy and the big giant tree and sky and old barn.  Love.

Then I had the boys blow dandelions for me.  They don't actually really know how to do it all that well, and we kind of eating them instead.  But they figured it out eventually. . . 

I love these pictures!

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Celeste said...

Ah, what a gorgeous view of the barn etc...