Thursday, April 21, 2016

Weenie roast

Last Friday we had a little weenie roast the farm.  It was the end of spring break and the weather was beautiful.  Pretty much the weather was beautiful all week.  Spring is here to stay.  Yay!!!

We brought the good ole pup out to the farm for the first time.  He patiently let Olivia pull him around on the leash.

She thought she was big stuff.  And he just thought, "oh man, when is this girl gonna get tired?"

And Jace had the little battery powered bike out there.  Brice wants to let him get a real dirt bike, but I'm not convinced.  This little battery one doesn't go very fast.  So it feels safe to me.  But also it doesn't handle the grass or hills or keep charged for longer than 20  minutes.  So that kind of stinks.  And no shocks so bumps are really jolty.  I guess.

The boys played a little badminton.  Or tried to anyway.  They weren't very skilled.

And of course we had to have smores!

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