Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bedtime tantrums

So this little happy eater has been giving some serious bedtime tantrums.  Nap time tantrums, as well.  She learned to stand really good in her crib and now she thinks she has to immediately stand up as soon as I lay her down.  Stand up and shriek and cry.

For hours.  She can last for hours.  It's been a bit difficult, especially since she was finally sleeping pretty good through the night.  And we had gotten to the point where we just laid her down and tada! she went to sleep.

She just wants to spice things up, I guess.  Remind us why she's our last baby, haha. 

Also she was cutting a new tooth on the bottom and full of boogers.  Today has been a little better and she didn't put up that much of a fight for nap time.  Hopefully she's gets back to her old good sleeping self, soon.  

This picture of those cute little lips is one of my absolute favorites.

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