Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Something sad and something great

Something sad is that Blurb no longer does blog to book anymore.  They used to offer this wonderful service and all you had to do was put in your blogger site and password and bam, they transported all your blog pictures plus your words over to their software, and then you could arrange things to create a beautiful blog book, with little effort.

But no more.  I called them because I was so sad and felt like I needed them to explain their decision behind this craziness.  They said it was Google's fault, because google, who is the supporter of blogger, was no longer allowing support or something for them to do that.

Darn you, Google.

I made a blog book using Blurb without their wonderful service and it took a lot longer and was much more of a hassle.

But oh well.  Blurb still wins for how easy it is to use and how great the finished books are.

And now something great is this cutie.

She is so great.  I love her a million pieces of everything in the world.  Maybe a billion pieces of everything in the world.  I love her infinity.


Celeste said...

NO!!! All my favorite things are going away. Picasa is no longer being used by Google. Now no more Blurb for my Blog book! UGH!

Anonymous said...

She's such a sweetie! That first picture looks as if she has a bald spot where the sun shinning on her head!