Saturday, April 2, 2016

Outside play

These pictures are from Saturday after the Easter egg hunt at the church, and after we went to a birthday party for a kid in Cam's class at Chuck E. Cheese.  It was such a beautiful day that day.  A preview of spring and summer and warm weather and beautifulness.  Jace was helping Brice at the farm working on Sherri and Danny's house, and Annalise was napping, so it was just the Cog and Liv outside playing.

And they get along so well when it's the Cog and Liv.  

Also sometimes Liv calls Cameron "Cameron".  And it's so weird and too grown up sounding and I usually say, "don't you mean Coggy?"  because I want her to always call him Coggy.

Anyway I love these first two pics of Liv on the trampoline.  Also of her with there num-chucks in the back of her shirt.  Which she made me put there and then two seconds later made me take them out because they got stuck and she couldn't take them out herself.

These two.  I love them.

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