Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring break zoo trip

This week has been spring break!  Awoohoo!

The best part is that except for Monday when it rained all day nonstop, the weather has been beautiful!  Today it was a warm 70 degrees when we went to the park for a few hours and we were all sweating by the time we came home.  I love it!

Monday we played at a friend's house all day which was perfect since it was pouring.  Tuesday we went swimming at the YMCA where I yelled at an old lifeguard guy for being stupid and rude (I guess I can elaborate on that later.  It seems makes me though, so maybe not) and Wednesday we went to the zoo!  And today and yesterday we've been to park.

The best part about our outings is that we come home and Annalise crashes hard and Olivia is content to sit like a zombie in front of the TV for an hour or so.  As are the boys. And I don't even feel guilty because we've been out playing.  Its a win/win. 

So now some of my favorite pictures of the zoo.

The boys loved the map, of course.  And Annalise sat like a champ in the stroller drooling and getting vanilla wafers all over herself.  The finally fell asleep after about two hours and slept for about forty five minutes. 

You can tell Olivia is concerned in the above pic because her extra eyebrows are out in full swing.  The rain house, or the amazon area, had her a little concerned with all the noises from the birds and how warm it was in there.  I think it felt a little too creepy for her. 

Then we saw the jaguar.  And the kids were out in that little cage thing that goes out a little in his cage.  And then the jaguar, who was paces his cage and couldn't care less about us, did his usual jump over the little pond and run towards the entrance to the inside, and Cam FREAKED out.  I think he thought the big cat was coming straight for him, to bite his head off.  He shrieked and scurried out of that little cage as if he had seen death. 

It was just a little hilarious.

But really our feline friends was just making his rounds.  He stared directly at us as he walked by the glass but really I'm sure he didn't give us a second though.  He looks pretty fierce though.

Cam still loves the rhino.  The rhino still smells awful.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was fun! Loved seeing the pics!

Celeste said...

I want to go to your zoo. It looks way cooler than ours. That little cage inside the jaguar's area looks awesome. And I love Olivia's hair in these pics.