Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Once upon a muddy puddle

I've mentioned our puddle that gathers by the back door when it rains.  It's very annoying.  But also very fun for the kids when mommy actually lets them play in it.

And also it's very annoying.

But oh well.  She was out there for less than thirty seconds before she got soaking wet by jumping right in the middle of the pool of water.  Over and over again.  Lots and lots of times.   But she loved every  minute of it.  And I like taking pictures so I allowed it.  See, taking pictures really is good for something, kids.

Water streamed from her too big boots when she turned them over.  They did a lot of good, obviously. 

And meanwhile, the boys were in the rabbit cage doing something with mud.  And puddles.  And mud.  And of course little sister had to join in.  And then they were all so muddy and disgusting that even picture taking mommy had had enough.  They went in to the basement, stripped down to their underwear, and came inside for some showers. 

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Celeste said...

What happy memories and happy pictures.