Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Life and other stuff

It seems like our life this month has taken on a whirl wind of business.  Brice is going to school full time and working full time.  I am "working" (kind of, at that little preschool thing) and even though it's just twice a week for about four hours, so much of my day feels sucked away.  Plus then I've had a few photography gigs this month, which is exciting and fun, but also keeps me busy.  

And then there's laundry.  That's a whole thing by itself because I hate it.

And then the boys have homework and after school activities and Brice has church meetings and I have meetings for a school committee I'm on. . . feels like we've been barely swimming above water all month long.  Every weekend it seems like we NEED the weekend, but then Monday gets here just as quickly as the weekend starts.  

So yeah.  And there's nothing really wrong with it.  I know we're just busy.  This is just what it is right now.  And it only get worse.  But.  I am soooooo looking forward to next Tuesday.  The kids don't have school because it's election day.  And we are going to sit at home all day long and go nowhere and do nothing except maybe sit outside if the weather is nice and if it's not nice, we're going to watch TV all the live long day and I really can't wait. 

So right now in this half hour I have before the boys come home, I'm going to stuff my face full of doritos and not do the dishes or the laundry, but instead post these pictures that have been ready to post for a few weeks now. Of a Sunday afternoon when Annalise was particularly grumpy :) She didn't want Olivia to ride with her in the wagon. 

And then last week I went out to the farm to see how the lighting was out there for a session I was going to do the next day out there.  And I took these random pictures. 

Liv is clearly not happy that Jace wants to put his arm around her, and also her shorts are on backwards.  Awesome. 

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