Saturday, November 19, 2016


These two handsome brothers.  They drive me so completely crazy sometimes.  But life just wouldn't be life with them.  They are loud and silly and rambunctious.  But they are so good, too.  We've been practicing for the primary program and I sit up there with them because I'm in charge (or something like that, how did that even happen?  I mean, I'm still basically 16, but whatever) and when I pick out either of their voices singing the songs, I literally almost burst into tears.  My eyes get all watery and my throat stops up and I have to pinch myself and mentally think "don't be a weirdo, don't be a weirdo, don't be a weirdo".  The last song of the program is "We'll Bring the World His Truth".  I remember singing that as grandchildren all together for my grandparents missionary farewell when then went on a mission to Africa.  That was so many years ago.  I think I was in like fourth grade or something like that.  But since then I have always LOVED that song.  And now both of my grandparents are gone and doing missionary work on the other side of the veil, I'm sure.

So when I hear the boys voices singing that song.  Yeah.  I lose it.  We'll see how I hold it together tomorrow.  I'm already losing it. 

"We have been saved, for these latter day, to build the kingdom in righteous way." 

I mean really.  Those words.  Those boys. My heart.  BURSTING. 

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