Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trick or treating!!

We went trick or treating with a big group of kids in Lee and Rick's neighborhood.  She is such a gracious host to have us all over at her house.  This crew, plus more, plus their parents all tromping in and out of her house in a crazy sugar high.  Yeah she's pretty great for letting us do that, haha.  And all the kids LOVE it and they all had a blast. 


Anna was such a sweetie and helped Leesie get candy when Brice and I were fizzling out at the end.  Also I think Jace secretly loves her.  But it's not really that much of a secret because we grown ups can all totally tell.

Luke and Liv comparing candy.   Such good buddies. 

Corgan the army guy. 

Annalise loved the candy and she knew exactly how the whole thing was supposed to go down.  She wanted to make sure they people handed her the candy directly, and then she would put it in her bucket.

And Jace the creeper was kind of off in lala land.  I think he was really hot inside his box.  Since it was like 80 degrees outside. 

My friend Jessica made her 13 year old this awesome crazy waving guy costume.  You know the blown up things they have at car dealerships.  He was so funny it.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of him swaying in it.  

Beautiful peacock feathers and sweet Maggie the pineapple.  She is one of Liv's good friends.  Liv loves going to Maggie's house.  Because Maggie has the bestest toys lol.

We had a great Halloween.  And I'm glad it's over now, haha.  Although now it means it's time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Oh man.  Time is just going too fast. 

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