Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dancing in the kitchen

As I predicted, Liv will wear her Elsa dress anytime she remembers that she has it.  Which is a lot.  And when she wear the dress she usually wants to put on some lip gloss to go with it.  It's like a thing.  And then one day she was in the kitchen dancing around to some music.  So I ran and got my camera and my off camera flash (which is what it's called I think but really you do it attach it to the camera, so it's really not off the camera.  But's its also not built in to the camera.  So whatever.) and practiced taking pictures with it.  I still don't really know what I'm doing with that thing.  Which is why I rarely ever use it.

And Annalise spent the time playing with the refrigerator magnets.  You don't see any within her reach because she had pulled them all on the floor.  And taken them to various rooms in the house.

Also I wonder what it will be like to one day have a kitchen without a washer and dryer in it.  Weird.  But probably pretty nice.  

One day.

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