Thursday, November 17, 2016

Family pictures

So I made the family take family pictures last Friday.  I told Brice way in advance that I wanted to get color coordinated clothes and go out and take real family pictures.  But kind of not real because I would of course need to use the tripod for the ones of me in them.

He said "fine".

So I went out and got color coordinated clothes (and some we had) and we headed out to the farm on a sunny day.  But when we got there it was super windy and the kids immediately started whining and my hopes felt dashed.  And things didn't go exactly as planned.  Mostly because Annalise, who normally looks at the camera and says cheese every time I pull it out, was NOT having it.  And she had even had a nice nap that day.  She was just being a stinker.

So I took like only three family pictures of us at the very end.  And by then I was fed up and cold and just done.  And as we left I was pretty grumpy thinking that we didn't get a single one and it had been a complete waste.

But then I calmed down and we went out to eat.  That always makes things better.  And then I looked through the pictures and started picking out the good ones and I saw this one. And Jace and Cameron are giving perfect smiles.  And Olivia is looking at the camera and doesn't look grumpy.  And Brice is smiling for real too.  And I don't have my eyes closed.   And little Leesie.  She's just being a cute little stinker.  And it's pretty much perfect. 

So I love it.  And I'm so glad I forced us to go through that torture.  The end. 

(more pictures in lots of smaller posts to follow as I edit.)

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