Monday, October 17, 2016


We have been enjoying lots of sunshine and weirdly warm weather this last week.  Also there will be weirdly warm weather this week, too. 

It's kind of annoying.  But then Brice pointed out that I would probably also be annoyed with the weather if it was too cold, too.  And maybe I would.  But it totally doesn't feel like fall.  Like it's supposed to be almost ninety degrees today and tomorrow.  That's crazy.

Also the boys are back in school today after a week off for fall break.  They left this morning with not even any tears or complaining about what they were wearing (mainly Cameron.  He complains about what he's wearing.  But today he didn't.  It was like a Monday miracle).

The girl and I are chilling and watching TV and obviously I'm doing this.  And then we are going to go to the YMCA and then maybe the library and maybe I'll do some laundry today.  Maybe. 

They were being goofballs and hanging over the edge of the trampoline.  When I made them scoot closer together to all be in a picture, Cameron was less than thrilled.  

Then they were all gathered around the dog.  Except for the Spam.  He was mad about something.  And he sat alone on the trampoline and wouldn't come down.  So I told him that Andy won't be around too much longer and wouldn't it be nice to take a picture with him.  And when they're all old and looking at pictures, they may look back and say, "Hey, where's Cameron?  How come he didn't want to take a picture with Andy?"

Then he joined the group.  Silly boy.

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